Many people criticize this public sculpture, particular as it is a memorial for the victims of persecution during the Nazi era. They think it’s a cold, distanced, un-symbolic piece of work. I understand these people’s frustrations, - they’d like to see names of all the millions upon the concrete slabs. I think this would be good, but it’s not possible and if done it would just stress the individuals names who are lost and forgotten.

From first hand experience of the ‘Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe’ I think the sculpture is quite fitting. Whilst walking through the maze of growing slabs you find yourself feeling a little anxious, you get the feeling of being buried alive. The slabs themselves echoing tombs and the uniformal dimensions of them all almost the same as the standard coffins. Unknowing to how high the slabs actually go, seeing some that have cracks in them, and how many slabs are in the square. This sense of confusion would be what the victims felt. Suppressed, anxious, confused and a number. This numeric way is the way they treated. This sculpture subtly interweaves all the history and emotions in a understated monument.  

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